Is Full-Frame the next flavour?

According to some rumours in the Sony SLR forum this company is about to launch a "flagship" model and a "subflagship" one. It is almost certain that at least the flagship will have a sensor between 18MP and 20MP with a crop factor of 1.1 or even 1. To add to this Nikon is apparently eyeing this new Sony product to have it in their "flagship" camera... In six months time we might have in FF:

Sony Alpha 1
Sony Alpha 10
Nikon D5X
Canon 1Ds Mk III
Canon 5D Mk II

It is apparent that there will be enough FF cameras (or tending to FF) and a ressurrection of old 35mm glass is just around corner.
Where will this leave the consumer?

Shall we start ebaying our EFS, DX, DC etc glass (they will be as good as paper weights in a couple of years)?

Nikon and Canon and Sony never stopped investing on their FF glass. Will they still come up with prosumer bodies as a parallel line?

Or in the feature will we have a clear divide between pro and amateur which will be literally linked to size (a "mine is bigger than yours" sensor I mean)?
Decisions, decisions!

On my little Sigma Camera corner I think they have lost the battle (and the plot!). However as they have an efficient FF range in lenses they will do very well and will be business as usual.
What are you thoughts on this and are your crystal balls as polished as mine?


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