Kingfisher Riding for the Disabled

As I mentioned before I spent a couple of days taking photos in the Etherow Centre of the Kingfisher Riding for the Disabled stables and indoor arena. I had the privilege to see the beneficiaries of this charity, riding horses on a calm, cold and sunny winter Saturday morning.
It all started with the "final product"... (very good, used it on my vegetable patch!)

... a thankless task done every day by Sheila Hynes, Monday to Sunday, rain or shine, for as long as I've known her. Her stamina and determination to keep this Centre open is sometimes beyond human comprehension. I think she and the Centre need all the help they can get (money or shovels, all welcome...)

I took a few photos that can be seen on this gallery

I hope you like these and take a kind look into this Charity.

More information on their website

PS: By the way this horse

did not budge the entire morning, very very "statuesque", or frozen!

My favourite photo of the entire series is this one:


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