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It has been quite a difficult decision as I am unable to find a half decent UK or European site that could make the entire job of hosting big digital files, have a good selection of printing paper, frames and canvases.

I checked all over the internet and there were only 2 sites that had any relevance to what I wanted:

  1. Red Bubble at
  2. Imagekind at
Red Bubble is based in Australia and has fewer choices on paper frames and canvases. Their big advantage is for an European customer, that they take care of and charge, via their courrier UPS, VAT and other possible import charges. It is a very straight forward checkout for a EU resident, or any country in the world!

Imagekind is based in Seattle, like Microsoft and Amazon, and they have been highly recommended in their printing quality. They offer more choices on printing paper and frames. However at this stage they are totally geared up towards the American market. Their prices are in US dollars, they ship via Fedex and if you are an EU buyer you have to "imagine" an additional VAT charge on the total cost (print, frame AND shipping).

My link at Imagekind is My Photos at Imagekind


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