The Scallop

I was recently in Aldeburgh and took a few photos of the sculpture by Maggi Hambling "The Scallop". I had a different idea of this shape and material, but it is big and almost scary in its coldness of stainless steel.

From one view you think of the delicate, delicacy and organic idea of the original sea shell, but when you get close to this sculpture you feel shocked by the brutality of the metal and human intervention.

However on that day the wind was blowing freezing cold all the way from the top of the North Sea, the waves were raging, spraying the beach, and there was a lack of humans on it. Suddenly the wildness of the nature elements seemed to fit and complement the presence of this alien object, now looking as if it could not be anywhere else.

More photos can be seen on my pbase gallery The Scallop.


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